Thursday, March 18, 2010

A picture story.

My intensive out patient (iop) program is going really well.
I like my therapist.
She has an English accent.

I don't have a lot of words today. I probably touched over 60 public door handles today. Maybe that's why my brain is a little fried. I still don't like touching door handles, but I'm proud of myself. I was pretty normal today, opening doors. :) And all the while, I kept hearing Mr. BTs voice (that's my BT, Nick, from Roger's) saying over and over again....."You don't have to like it."

Monday through Friday I live with Theo and Jessie in their 400 sq ft studio apartment in Hollywood. It's cozy. :) I love them. They challenge my OCD and encourage me to keep fighting for my free spirit.

Below is a series of pictures that will tell the story of yesterday evening. One of my most spontaneous adventures in quite a while.
A.) Don't know why Jessie looks like she is throwing up on me?
B.) Silly photo shoot in the had a super cute little mirror-seat-cubby-thing. :)

Only in Hollywood....

Always thought it would be cool to get a nose actual ring....not a stud. Not sure now though.... expression is scary....maybe cause this whole situation is scary.

Don't be fooled....this is just a nervous laugh.

The scary piercer man was sooo reassuring....he told me not to be nose falling off is the worst that can happen he said with a straight face. Thanks.

Freaking out already and he's just getting ready to clean my nose. Lovely.

I'm perfectly calm. :)

I was startled when he stuck a q-tip drenched in rubbing alcohol up my nose. Hello there.

The anticipation. Mr. scary piercer man told me I had to sit on my hands. Jessie was an EXCELLENT cheerleader and documenter.

Breathe in, breathe out.....breathe in....STAB!!!

Look can see the big, long needle sticking through my nose. Awesome. I'm calm as a as a cucumber.

Sopping up the blood. Fabulous.

A.) Love it, love it, love it.
B.) Half smile.

A.) Still being a big baby. Jessie demanded a thumbs up.
B.) Best picture ever!!

And....the best part of the evening.....while waiting to cross the street at a stop light, I managed to convince an ambulance to drive Jessie and I home (4 blocks) because we were tired of walking and it was 11:45pm. They asked if we had been out partying. Our response.....

We've been out since 7pm.
People watching was non-stop entertainment.
One drink each at a cute little pub.
I got my nose pierced.
We are crrrrrrraaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy!!!

They laughed.


  1. I laughed, too! LOVE you!!! (and your new hot accessory on your nose) :-)

  2. that 2nd to last picture is classic... Jessie cracks me up in that pic.