Thursday, June 3, 2010


I just finished watching episode 2 with my roommate and another friend. I have a lot of thoughts......

I think I am going to head to bed, pray, clear my head, and jump into my "recap" tomorrow sometime.

Obsessively, compulsively.....
Yours truly.

And P.S. I am soooo extremely thankful for my roommate! She has been an INCREDIBLE support to me, learning about OCD in a non-chalant way, never treating me different than anything but "normal", and always giving me a good, firm "reality check" pep talk when I need it the most.


  1. I love reading your thoughts on the show! You do such a great job of getting your thoughts down into words and it's truly a great insight to who you are! Thanks so much for being vulnerable and honest through this process!

  2. that was always my concern.. whyen I watched the show, I kept thinking HELLO FLOODING!!!!!! I also wondered how much therapy and stuff was done behind the scenes that wasn't shown so it's rather interesting to read this. thanks for honestly sharing your thoughts.