Friday, July 16, 2010

Ollie sings a song with Uncle Theo

Oh my goodness. My mom and I are in our hotel room in DC after a long but fabulous first day of the International OCD conference. We just watched the final episode of The OCD Project (which I will write about when I am less tired and more focused) and then were watching silly videos on Youtube. Good times. We came across this one, which was filmed a little over a year ago when my precious little nephew, Oliver, was born. He is three days old in this video and he is a star in the making!!! Oh mom and I watched it twice and could not stop laughing!!!!! Sooooo funny!

Oh, you make my heart happy! :)


  1. Hi there, Kristin!

    First off, that video is SO CUTE. I used to do something similar with my brother, who is 8 years younger than I. :) Haha, I could probably do that to him today and it'd be cute, even if we *are* 17 and 25 now...!

    Anyway, I found your link through Dr. Tomlin's Facebook page, and I wanted to thank you for writing out your journey with OCD. I've been doing the same myself, and it's been rough. I've been trying to find someone to do CBT with, but I'm both uninsured and new to the MD area, so finding a good therapist is hard. ;) Anyway, enough about me! You've been a great inspiration through "The OCD Project," and I really wanted to thank you for going through it and being a role model for the rest of us. :) While I imagine it's hard (I'd say I *knew* it was, but I have yet to really face my fears as you have), you've come a long way, and your strides have given the rest of us more confidence to do the same.

    You're probably still in my neck of the woods! FH and I visit DC really often by metro, and now I wish I had known about the conference earlier, as I so would have gone. :) Oh well, though; there's always next year!

  2. Oh dude, totes spelled your name wrong. Sorry, *Kristen! ;)

  3. Hi Kristen, I met you at the conference. I was with my husband when we spoke after Liz's talk on Saturday. I asked you about Rogers, and you said that I should do it. Do you have an e-mail address so that I can ask a few more questions? By the way, I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

    Kathy :)

  4. Hi Kristen,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your journey. Being public about my OCD is something I have struggled with for years. By public I simply mean friends and family. It was inspiring to watch you all on the OCD Project! After the episode where you had to kiss the gas pump I went and got gas in my car the next day without doing any of my rituals! I told myself, "If Kristen can do it so can you!" I am so proud of you for the progress you have made. Keep fighting! :)


  5. Your blog is so inspiring and well written. Can't wait for the next entry! Thank you for sharing your journey :)

  6. Hi Kristen! I talked with you at the conference. I was with a co-worker- we were the nurses that work with PANDAS kids. Anyway, I was telling you how much it meant to me for you to open up on the show. I don't have OCD, but suffer from Major Depression and Anxiety disorder. (you'r description on the airport and airplain, OMG!! spot on for me too!! Hate it)
    Anyway, I have been saturating myself with what you said on the 2nd or 3rd episode. That you don't want your old friends to see how you are now, and you don't want to make new ones cuz you have to "explain" yourself or have that potential for rejection. I cried so hard when you said that because I was trying to put words to my feelings for so long. But now I'm stuck, I can put it into words, but I'm still saying no to invitiations, cancelled going to my HS 20th class reunion,and I was class pres. and commencement speaker. I don't want anyone over because I'm always afraid things aren't clean enough or perfect enough and they will hate me. I'm so scared that I'm going to live the rest of my life alone. I have a outpatient surgery coming up and have NO idea who can come with me or take care of me after. I've had people offer, but it stresses me out thinking what this might think of my decorating, or will I have the fridge stocked just perfect for this one, etc.etc. My thoughts are constant and make me sooo stressed. Noone knows how stressed I am-not about my surgery, but making my home perfect, and whoever stays here feel like they're at the ritz!

  7. That is quite possibly the cutest video I have ever seen!!! My struggle is very different than yours, but whenever I'm have a particularly tough time, my daughter and my niece and nephews bring a comfort that no one else can. Be an Auntie is pretty darn special!