Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The last week seems like a complete blur. I haven't felt very well at all. My medication has been systematically doubled in dosage every Monday for the last three weeks in a row. I started to feel ill last Tuesday, but dismissed it as just a bad month of PMSing. After a couple days, I began to think that the nostalgia of the Christmas season was having more of a physical effect than I had anticipated. Into the weekend I still felt really sick, sleeping more than usual, not eating as much because of nausea, and feeling unbelievably fatigued from things as simple as brushing my teeth. I'm sure that PMS and not being with my family for Christmas affected me, but it wasn't until yesterday morning that I really began to put it together that the dosage of my medication last week was quite a punch to my system. I'm not even up to half the recommended dosage for the particular medication that I'm taking, but I am waiting another week before the next increase. All that to say, I've wanted to write everyday, but life has felt so topsy-turvy. Today was the first day that I felt "normal." LOL....."normal" is such a crazy word. :)

I have another post started about my Christmas, but will finish it tomorrow. Good-night, crazy world. :)


  1. Looking forward to hearing more. Good to know your meds are under control and that you're feeling "normal"... I haven't felt that in years! ;) Here's to a more "normal" 2010!! (and safe and joy-filled travels this week) xoxo

  2. i hope you stay with your intense exposures . and
    by the way awesome job!